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Personal Protection & Advanced S.D.C. Level 1 Pistol
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Basic and complete self defense Instruction and qualification course, designed to assist you survive potential dangerous situations as well as most "street level" confrontations. 

Most people enroll for self defense or weapons training expecting to learn realistic self-defense, and few get it. This is why we've developed a course that focuses on skills you need to successfully respond to these threats.

Course Features

  • Self Defense

  • Striking Skills

  • Weapons Retention

  • Re-loads

  • Correcting weapons malfunctions

  • Daylight Marksmanship

  • Basic First Aid Training (Apply a Tourniquet) 

  • Situational & Environmental Awareness

  • Understanding the OODA Loop 

  • Equipment Review

  • Dominant Eye / Hand Review


Valid Florida Conceal Weapons License & 

NRA firearms safety training course

Total Hours: 6

Cost - $350.00


This level of Self-defense pistol training is specifically designed to pick up from where the safety course curriculum ended and continues to foster and improve the techniques to a multi-layered level of understanding. It will allow the student to combine more advanced techniques into their “back pocket” of defensive pistol techniques. Topics covered include: clearing malfunctions, weapons manipulation, point shooting, engaging target while moving, proper use of cover and concealment and more.

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